Monday, April 30, 2007

My CSA Bag has Fava Beans: It Must Be Spring

Before I get to the recipe, a bit about CSA.
A few years ago, I noticed that the only locally grown ingredients on my dining table were the head of lettuce from Salinas, CA and the garlic from Gilroy, CA.
Though we'd regularly frequent the farmer's market, we couldn't always go there. When we couldn't, the produce came from the global market place!
We live in Northern California, where one should get locally grown produce all year around.
Enter Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Before the harvest season starts, I sign up to become a member of the farm.
Every week, throughout the harvest season, I pick up a bag of organic, fresh, locally grown produce from a pick-up site in the neighbourhood.
Just look at a recent CSA bag!!!

Being a part of the CSA has completely changed the way I cook.
In the pre-CSA days, I'd look at kale, the different types of chards, fava beans but I'd pass them saying 'I'll get them next time'....which never came.
I was mainly apprehensive of them fitting in my Indian-Maharashtrian kitchen.
But once I started getting these vegetables in my CSA-bag, I was forced to use them...forced to think outside the box (bag).
In no time the vegetables that once seemed exotic became a part of our much loved foods: kale-pulao, bok-choy amti (daal), chard-parathas, pasta with dandelion greens etc.

Now on to the recipe....

I read this recipe for the fava bean salad in a magazine in my dentist's waiting room. Don't remember the name of the magazine(was in too much pain) but do remember the ingredients...pain or not, I am a foodie.
The cilantro is my addition.
I think parmesan (not the kind that comes in a box) and cilantro go well together.

Fava Bean Salad
2 cups shelled fava beans
6-7 stalks, spring onions
4-5 stalks cilantro, chopped
1/2 cup, parmesan cheese, loosely packed
1-2 tsp oil (I used olive oil)
salt and pepper to taste

Blanch the fava beans for just over a minute.
Heat oil, and on a low flame cook the spring onions.
Cook the onions slightly (about 1-2 minutes).
Take the onions off the heat and let cool slightly.
Add the beans, cilantro, cheese, and pepper.
Toss well.
Taste the salad before adding the salt. The amount of salt will depend on the saltiness of the cheese.

I'm sending the salad to Meeta's Monthly Mingle: Spring Is In The Air.

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