Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Had Me At Samosa

The samosa casserole has been calling my name for a while. This week I finally got around to making it.
While the idea of a samosa filling topped by a whole wheat crust was absolutely appealing, the combination of spices and the way they are used, not so much.
Fortunately for me, I found this recipe for aloo phoolkopur samosas. Now this was more like it!

Our dinner yesterday: Bengali-ishtyle Potato-Cauliflower Samosa Casserole.
I followed the recipe for the samosa stuffing closely, just decreased the amount of potatoes and added in more vegetables (carrots, handful of chopped spinach, and corn).

The proof of the casserole was in the absence of any leftovers. The accompanying photo, as usual, does no justice to the dish.

This Pac-Man like casserole goes to Nupur's Blog Bites where the theme this time is one dish meals.

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