Sunday, May 11, 2008

Who You Calling Weird?

Haven't I done this before?

That was my reaction when Sra tagged me for the weird things meme.
What I had been tagged for earlier was the random things meme.
Clearly I must've misread the theme of that meme b'cos weirdness was what came out rather than randomness. Take another look to see what I mean.

Anyway, here are some food-related weird things:

  • Supermarket cakes.
    I'm done with them, finito, khatam. At birthday parties if I notice the cake is from a supermarket, I go to great lengths to avoid it. Same routine at work.
    Even if I don't notice the box it came from, a small taste and it is immediately apparent where it came from.
    Can one even call such cakes food? What are they made of?
    Not everyone will find this weird. But some find these tendencies extremely weird and snobbish. What e.v.e.r!

  • Idli-bhajji
    I had this years ago and still remember how annoyed I was then. You take a perfect idli, dip it in perfect bhajji batter and fry it. In the process waste two perfect ingredients. What a shame!

  • Ripe Mango-vegetable Salad
    Have a salad; enjoy a mango. Don't put them together; unless it is a fruits-only salad.
    Plain mango, aamras (mango juice/ pulp), mango milkshake, mango ice-cream. All ok.
    I will not cannot eat a mango in any other form. Not even aamrakhanda (mango shrikhanda).
    So to see a mango in a savoury dish or to see a mango rubbing shoulders with an onion... That is just wrong. So wrong.

  • Poli/ Chapati/ Roti
    I can't make decent ones even if my life depended on them. Frankly I gave up trying years ago. Parathas, I can manage. Not polya.
    Growing up, we'd have a lady come in every morning to make polya for the family. What a luxury.
    Now I have a nice Indian lady who lives in our neighbourhood make polya for me several times a week. Lucky me!

  • Bowl matters
    I prefer eating in a bowl rather than a plate. This drives the significant-other nuts.

Anyone who hasn't been tagged and would like to do this meme, consider yourself tagged by TheCooker.
But specifically I'd like to tag a fellow Punekar, the person behind Adhi Potoba.
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