Monday, February 25, 2008

One Hot Package

It is not often that I receive a package in the mail. So when I saw the packet sent by Nupur in the mailbox, I literally ripped it open in a childlike fashion. Fortunately for me, I was by myself at that time. The package that I'm talking about is part of the Arusuvai Friendship Chain. It is all about sharing the bounty of your kitchen with your foodie friends via surprise packages. The ladies behind the Yumblog initiated this effort in India. Latha brought it closer to home.

Inside my package was a packet of fiery red masala, a bag of nutty crunchy toffee and, a wonderful handmade card. From the card dangled a certified sho-shweet little Kolhapuri chappal. The candy is wicked addicting stuff.

The masala is incredibly bold and spicy. It obviously had red mirchi, garlic, coconut, and onions. It was my hunch that what I held in my hands was kolhapuri masala. And that exactly what it was, as Nupur confirmed.

Stay tuned for some earthy Kolhapuri fare.

Meanwhile the Amish Friendship bread starter that Bee sent aeons ago is being fed and is getting smellier by the day. Something good should come out of it pretty soon.
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