Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sweet Chocolatey Morsels

It was in the middle of a very busy week, but a celebration was in order. A special meal was organised (sort of). But dessert? For once I was stumped. But a celebration without dessert? Not on my watch.

I usually have a couple loaves of plain or chocolate cake stashed in the freezer for just such emergencies.

Earlier in the week I had picked up a tub of mascarpone cheese without any specific use for it in mind.
I remembered book marking a recipe for rich (not that there is any other kind) chocolate mascarpone mousse and set out to make that.
The cake was cut into small bite-sized pieces, topped with some raspberry jam and a small amount of the mascarpone frosting. I tried to pipe pretty rosettes, but the frosting didn't oblige. Next time I'll just use a melon baller.

The combination of chocolate cake and marcarpone mousse with raspberry was simply heavenly. The mousse was quite rich. It was a good thing the cake pieces were small; moderation and all that.

I'm sharing these chocolate morsels with Deepz of Letz Cook who is hosting JFI:Chocolate. JFI is the brainchild of Indira of Mahanandi.

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